Entrust us with your railway archives

Jean-Jacques D'Angelo

The procedures for submitting documents to SARDO are not the same depending on whether you are a public entity (administration, company) or a private individual (association, family, individual).

Personal, family, and associative archives:

The Archives and Documentation Service of the SNCF Group (SARDO) can manage privately originated archives from individuals or organizations, with the aim of making them available to researchers.

  • Gifts: we are authorized to receive donations, formalized by a notarized act in accordance with the ‘ordinary form of contracts’ (Article 931 of the Civil Code), as well as manual donations through the physical delivery of the relevant archives.
  • Bequests: we can accept bequests from individuals. Bequests must be included in a will, in one of the three forms recognized by the Civil Code (Article 969 and following).

Practical procedures:

If you wish to entrust archives to SARDO, please contact the Collection Valorization Division via the contact form.